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August 26, 2014
The teachers are ready 
Here's to a great year at EMS!

CCTA Bus Service & Wednesday Early Release
TO:                  EMS Families
FROM:            Stephanie Phillips, Interim Superintendent
SUBJECT:      CCTA Bus Service 2014-15 and Wednesday Early Release Buses_AEED1415002
DATE:            August 25, 2014
For the 2014-2015 school year, the Burlington School District will continue our K-8 weekly release Wednesday schedule beginning August 27, the first student day. Elementary students will be dismissed on Wednesday at 1:50 pm with middle school dismissal at 2:00.  Mountain Transit Inc. (a subsidiary of Student Transportation of America – STA) will provide the transportation from schools following six of the existing Neighborhood Special bus routes on the Wednesday early dismissal schedule.
Dismissal time the remaining four days of the week will be 2:50 pm for elementary and 3:00 pm for middle school. CCTA Neighborhood Specials will do morning runs, Monday to Friday and afternoon runs except on Wednesdays.
Until a soon to be determined date this Fall, as we did last year, student identification cards will not be required for NEIGHBORHOOD SPECIALS. For now, students may ride to and from school on CCTA regular routes from 7 am to 7 pm at no charge with student identification cards. CCTA will allow four weeks for students to secure their picture identification. No CCTA logo is required.
Beginning later this fall, we will be requiring bus passes for all grade 6-12 students.  The system for this is being worked out by a small committee of middle and high school staff along with CCTA.  Ultimately these passes will be required by all students in order to ride the buses, including the neighborhood specials.  There will be a charge for this, with subsidies provided on a soon to be determined sliding scale.  This pay for service model comes out of this year’s school budget that asks for $120,000 in savings from what we budgeted last year for CCTA bus service.
Contact information – Burlington School District - Victor Prussack at 802-865-5332
For CCTA routes – Joann Chamberlain at 864-8453 or 865-5332.   For assistance with routes and schedules 864-2282 or www.cctaride.org.
For bus bullying and harassment issues, contact Henri Sparks 865-4168 hsparks@bsdvt.org.
Feb 21, 2104

Burlington School Commissioners: Augmented Reality - How Technology Enhances Learning at Edmunds Middle School 01/02/2014

Keith Pillsbury (W1 Commissioner), Jeanne Collins (District Superintendent), are joined by two Edmunds Middle School teachers, Laura Botte and Valerie Lodish and several Edmunds students to discuss technology at Edmunds Middle School.


Feb 20, 2014
Digital Learning Day at Edmunds 
If you missed it check out this Stoify

September 23, 2013

Pinwheels for Peace

Edmunds Middle School students honored International Day of Peace on Friday, September 20th by participating in the Pinwheels for Peace Campaign. Every student created a pinwheel during their Thoughtful Thursday homeroom time and displayed them in a form of a peace sign on the EMS lawn. Students also reflected on ways they could increase peace in their community, school, and homes.

What are Thoughtful Thursdays? Click here for more info:   https://sites.google.com/a/bsdvt.org/thoughtful-thursday-2013-14/ )