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April 14, 2014
Heartbleed Bug Update

We have confirmed that the following District websites/accounts were not impacted by the Heartbleed Bug:
Jupiter Grades
EDU 2.0
MySchoolBucks Food Service Accounts
We also recommend using the below link to self-check any sites that you may be using at home.

April 11, 2014

Students and Faculty participated in the 4th annual EMS Dodgeball Tourney on April 9th, as part of wellness day.  The event, sponsored by student council, boasted 16 kid’s teams and two teacher teams.  For the first time ever, the event took place at Memorial Auditorium with 400 students and teachers, players, dancers, and lots of cheering.  What a great event for our school! As usual, the students out played the teachers to claim the coveted Dodgeball Trophy

April 11, 2014
Join the EMS principals for coffee
at the Unicorn Cafe
When: Friday morning, April 18th from 8:30-9:30
Where: EMS Library

The Unicorn Cafe is student run and all proceeds benefit student programs. They serve coffee and tea and your price is determined by a spin of the "price wheel". All beverages are $1.00 or less.

April 10, 2014

Congratulations to the following EMS Students
2014 Hildene 8th Grade Lincoln Essay Competition Winners

1st Place – Zoe Moskowitz

2nd Place – Cara Davis

Honorable Mention:

Theodore Davis

Caroline Saba

Ruby Smith

Kathryn Turnbull

Topic: Abraham Lincoln persevered, against all odds, to advance the cause of liberty and justice for all. Identify a leader who is currently striving locally, nationally or globally to make the world a better place, despite considerable obstacles. Explain why she or he inspires you and compare his or her leadership qualities with those of Lincoln’s.

April 3, 2014
Edmunds students talk about how their learning experience has been "Transformed" with the help of 1:1 technology.
Commissioner Meredith Woodward King speaks with Erika Lowe, BHS English Teacher and Partnership for Change Fellow and Jeffrey Tobrocke, Edmunds Middle School Assistant Principal on 'Transformed Classroom'.  For more information visit the district web site:  www.bsdvt.org
Click here to view the video.

Feb 21, 2104

Burlington School Commissioners: Augmented Reality - How Technology Enhances Learning at Edmunds Middle School 01/02/2014

Keith Pillsbury (W1 Commissioner), Jeanne Collins (District Superintendent), are joined by two Edmunds Middle School teachers, Laura Botte and Valerie Lodish and several Edmunds students to discuss technology at Edmunds Middle School.


Feb 20, 2014
Digital Learning Day at Edmunds 
If you missed it check out this Stoify

September 23, 2013

Pinwheels for Peace

Edmunds Middle School students honored International Day of Peace on Friday, September 20th by participating in the Pinwheels for Peace Campaign. Every student created a pinwheel during their Thoughtful Thursday homeroom time and displayed them in a form of a peace sign on the EMS lawn. Students also reflected on ways they could increase peace in their community, school, and homes.

What are Thoughtful Thursdays? Click here for more info:   https://sites.google.com/a/bsdvt.org/thoughtful-thursday-2013-14/ )

September 18, 2013
CCTA Behavior Expectations for Riders

In recent weeks, there have been a couple of behavior incidents on our neighborhood special buses. We have immediately addressed these incidents, both through appropriate consequences and better staffing of the buses. We are continuing to work with BSD Directors and CCTA staff regarding bus safety. Our goal is to ensure that all students travel safely to and from school.

This year BSD and CCTA are piloting a new ridership plan. The pilot plan allows all BSD students to ride the neighborhood specials and all CCTA buses between the hours of 7am and 7pm, with their BSD student ID card. This has led to increased ridership of our neighborhood specials. While we sort out the details of this change, please review the following safety information with your student(s).

To ensure the safe travel of all students, we are sharing the safety practices used by CCTA drivers when transporting passengers. 

Be Safe: Remain seated, facing forward and listen to the bus driver and bus monitor. Please board in an orderly single file manner. Throwing objects from the bus or sticking anything including body limbs out of the bus window is not allowed.

Be Respectful: Keep hands, feet, and objects to self and follow directions. Thank the driver when exiting. Do not shout or talk in a loud disturbing manner.

Be Responsible: Keep belongings in your backpack and keep your backpack on your lap or under the seat.

Please refer to the letter that was sent home at the start of school for more details about CCTA rider expectations.


August 29, 2013
 We're Back!

August 27, 2013
Information regarding student transportation on CCTA Neighborhood Specials can be found by clicking on the link below.


August 26, 2013
2013-2014 Edmunds Middle School Faculty & Staff ready for an Exciting School Year!

[sf:DigitalLearningDay(<div class="storify"><iframe src="//storify.com/TarrantInstitut/digital-learning-day-edmunds-middle-school/embed" width="100%" height=750 frameborder=no allowtransparency=true></iframe><script src="//storify.com/TarrantInstitut/digital-learning-day-edmunds-middle-school.js"></script><noscript>[<a href="//storify.com/TarrantInstitut/digital-learning-day-edmunds-middle-school" target="_blank">View the story "Digital Learning Day @ Edmunds Middle School" on Storify</a>]</noscript></div>)]